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Orientalist Origins Vodka bottle
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Base Ingredients

First, we started by making The Orientalist back where it all began – the Orient (if you hadn’t guessed).

And we started from scratch, using only the highest quality base ingredients including the purest organic longan honey from South East Asia, Tibetan highland barley from mythical magical Shangri-La, perched 3,300m above sea level and more than 9 types of premium potatoes of specific varieties designed to give the best mouth feel.

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All our spirits are proofed with super soft pristine spring water from the Sakurajima peninsula in Kagoshima, Japan that is naturally filtered and purified (to a degree that is almost incomparable to other organic processes) over hundreds of years by 1,117m of porous volcanic rock.

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We use a proprietary combination of traditional distillation methods as well as modern low temperature vacuum distillation to create better spirits.

Traditional distillation methods involve higher temperatures that can degrade or affect flavour profiles as well as any potential health benefits of high potency botanicals so we pair them with modern technology in order to ensure precise control and only use them for specific processes during our production.

We also use cutting edge low temperature vacuum distillation as distilling at lower temperatures with vacuum distillation means the chemical composition of each botanical is not altered, so the flavour notes are brighter and more natural, creating a new fresher, cleaner style of gin.

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