Origins Vodka

The Orientalist Origins Vodka is a small batch handcrafted vodka made with organic longan honey from South East Asia, Tibetan highland barley and premium potatoes of 9 specific varieties.

Each component is carefully chosen, distilled and then blended with soft Japanese spring water from Kagoshima to contribute various elements of mouth feel, nose and flavor culminating in a unique and delicious vodka never before experienced anywhere else.

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The Orientalist Gunpowder Gin is a small batch handcrafted gin infused with uniquely Asian botanicals including Taiwanese gunpowder tea, Siberian ginseng, Kampot peppercorns, Korean omija berries, Malaysian torch ginger, Japanese shiso flowers and Chinese osmanthus before being proofed with soft Japanese spring water from Kagoshima Japan.

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Dragon Whisky
8-Year Old

The Orientalist Dragon Whisky is the first all-Asian blended whisky in the world, from the three acclaimed whisky regions in Asia — Japan, Taiwan and India — each carefully selected and blended for their unique attributes and double wood matured in bourbon and sherry wood.

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